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I went home this weekend for job interviews for the summer. they went well. however, the eating situation did not. i ate A LOT. and A LOT of crap at that. going home for the summer is gonna make everything harder. at least my parents are trying to loose weight so they'll buy low fat stuff. and i told my mom that i am now vegetarian so that'll be ok. eh. she still likes to give me bad food though. like today, she went somewhere to get directions and came back to the car with cookies for me. great mom. just great. of course i ate one. ugh!

ne way. so i just weighed myself. how is it possible that i was 146 and then after i peed i was 148???!?!?!? someone explain that!

oh livejournal. you truly are the devil. i should be studying but i continue to write.
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